Family Photography | Marriott Ka'anapali, Maui by Sean Michel

I always love visiting Maui -- I'll jump at the opportunity if it presents itself, even more so if it is work related. The fact I have family in Kihei makes this all easier to pull the trigger and hop on the 30-minute plane ride over to Kahului.

Seeing my two nephews for a bit is always an experience -- not to sound cliché, but they grow up so fast. Too fast! After seeing the family for a couple of days, I moved on to stay upcountry with a friend in Haiku. The polar opposite of Kihei, Haiku is characterized by its green, lush and wet landscape. While up in Haiku (North), I made my way over to the Ka'anapali area (West) for a shoot at sunset with a family of 15(?) all on vacation for a family reunion.

Beautiful people, energetic kids, smiling faces and a beautiful setting. What's not to love? Maui No Ka Oi.