The only Constant is Change | Drone across Oahu / by Sean Michel

"Everything Flows in a state of Flux"

- Simplicius

Without sounding entirely too cliché, I am a firm believer in the statement that the only constant is indeed change. The moment we feel comfortable, or like we have a firm grasp on the way things are going and will continue to go -- life has a way of throwing us a curveball, for better or worse.

As a business owner and artist, these curveballs can manifest themselves in about a million different ways. Most of the curveballs at face value are exceedingly frustrating and require tedious work and attention to deal with. But the beauty lies squarely in the process. No matter what comes up, we more or less have to adjust and overcome. The process of accepting the changes, addressing them and shifting to accomodate leads to a more profound understanding of our business, our abilities and most importantly, ourselves.

Without divulging too much and getting boring, lately I've dealt with a lot of change. Some personal and a lot of business. Maintaining a straight course throughout has definitely been a struggle, but like I mentioned above -- it really has made me better all around. I have my things (as everyone probably should) that keep me grounded, one of those things is my drone. Another one of those things is getting outside and exploring the natural beauty that surrounds me. The two combined lead to some pretty awesome footage and a nice, clear headspace.

The two hikes that make up the bulk of this footage are on Oahu, closing two shots taken on Maui. One of the trails is down in the Honolulu area and I've had the good fortune of rounding out that trail multiple times. Once with my good mate Shane Sochocki, owner of Adventure Tours Hawaii and once with good friend and associate creative Taylor Johnson. Check out her work on her website, Taylor Creates.

The second trail is way up north, I never knew it existed until we went on Shane's recommendation. An awesome little trail run with beautiful panoramic-style views from Kaena Point down to Chinamans Hat from up top. I was blown away by the amazing payoff that such a small amount of work had gotten us.