Yoga Loft Hawaii | Teacher Training / by Sean Michel

This Video should have been done months ago -- but constantly putting it on the back burner, getting impossibly busy for long stretches of time, and downright laziness at times stretched this project out.

Finally being able to look back at footage that I shot months ago is refreshing in an interesting way, in that so much time has elapsed since the shoot day, that I can approach the post production without (almost) any preconceived notions about how the video "needs" to be. I kind of let the footage tell its own story. It's a nice change of pace.

Please check out Yoga Loft Hawaii if you ever get the urge to take a Yoga class. These people are my good friends, but I can say with absolute certainty and biased aside that Lisa (studio director) is as compassionate and helpful a human being as I've encountered. While I am by no means a yoga expert, I'd imagine that translates to being an effective yoga teacher/instructor.