HIFF | Ward Village / by Sean Michel

Some photos from the event coverage we provided for HIFF at the IBM Building down off of Ward Avenue a couple of weeks ago.

That area has a lot going on and it has cleaned up a ton since I've been living on Oahu. I just never really venture down that way too often. Regardless, the event was great. Beautiful story, music, and it was evident that the creators of this story had a deep personal involvement with this project. All smiles for the kids and everyone that made it out.

That building, by the way, is unbelievably beautiful. I would love to shoot some more in the area where they held the screening. It's a perfect gathering place for any sort of event, function, anything. It's just so picturesque that time of day. Fingers crossed for another gig at some point down there.


Source: http://www.lumierevisualshawaii.com/